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What Next After Ramadan?

What Next After Ramadan?






Once again, “Assalaam, Alaikun, Warahmatulah Wabarakatuh”, to all of you. And to all our Imams, who held fort while I was away, I say “Jazak Allahu khairan”. I don’t want to preempt, but I am sure that our Imams might have done a lot of justice to the month of Ramadan vis-à-vis lectures.

Today’s sermon therefore, shall base on “What next after Ramadan?” I have just taken you through two surat; surah Al – Kauthar and surah Al – Kafirun. I want you to know that Al – Kauthar, which means “goodness in abundance” is what Allah promises Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I equally take you through surah Al – kafirun because of the season we are.

Let me remind you that, the essential fact of today’s sermon is “What Next?” Through this lecture we can judge whether all our Ibadah during the month of Ramadan would be lifted and accepted by Allah. ‘Alhamdu lillah’ I know we were all involved in so many acts of Ibadah during the month of Ramadan. But the big question is that did we do all these good deeds we did during the month of Ramadan, for the sake of Allah? During the Ramadan, just be honest, did you ever forget and drink water or eat food? After Ramadan now, how have you been feeling? Tell us. Good? That is one aspect of acceptance of all your deeds you did, during Ramadan. When after Ramadan, you still feel that you are in the month of Ramadan; it shows that your Ibadah for Allah had been accepted. Feeling of this nature, if we are to interpret and analyse further, is known as an act of consciousness.

This type of act of consciousness would continue putting you on your toe, and keep making you conscious of salat (prayer) sawn (fasting), Zakah (giving alms) and all those acts of Ramadan. He who after the month of Ramadan, fails to experience this, should re-assess his or herself. As for me, I have been feeling so nice after Ramadan. I feel like doing more and more acts of Ibadah to Allah. I am thinking every minute, since the end of Ramadan, about Allah. These are the signs of acceptance of your deeds in the months of Ramadan. Like I said earlier, if you failed to have this consciousness, you have to re-assess yourself, get yourself re-examined and go back to the school of Ramadan.

Now that we are in the month after Ramadan ‘shawwal’ there is one aspect of Ibadah that is very important. That is, fasting six days in the month of Shawwal. Telling you the rewards of doing this is like begging you to do what will give you immense reward. May I just say in passing that, it is your own benefit and you are better of for it, if you carry out this act of Sunnah because the reward for doing it is so great. It is though, accepted that the fasting in the month of Shawwal is Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). But be reminded that performing acts of Sunnah gives you excess reward, depending on the amount of energy committed to it and level of commitment to such Sunnah.

Hence, Sunnah does not prevent us from doing other obligatory acts, ordained on us by Allah.

“Indeed, we have granted you, Al – Kauthar,
So pray to your Lord and sacrifice,
Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off”. (Q. 108)

If we critically examine this chapter very well, we will all realise that all of us do recite it very often because it is very short. However, there are more to mere recitation of the chapter. Al – Kauthar that Allah grants Prophet Muhammad flows so fluidly. This Al – Kwathar is extremely and huge abundant bounty. If you want to be granted the kind of Al-Kauthar granted Prophet Muhammad, you need to intensify your acts of Ibadah. Allah will reward us, Muslims for all the good deeds and Ibadah we do solely for His pleasure. He will reward us both in this world and surely in the Hereafter.
Allah gives rooms to every thing. If there are reasons and circumstances, Allah knows it and rewards you accordingly. Let us strive for abundant and immense blessing and reward from Allah. Let us seek maximum reward from Allah. ‘Left over’ as a reward is not for us, Muslims. As devoted and submissive Muslims, we need maximum reward from Almighty Allah.

Circumstance had been making it unavoidable for me, not to be having opportunity to experience Decembers in Nigeria. It was therefore; highly surprising this year December, when I have a rare opportunity to be in Nigeria, where I saw some flags here and there, celebrating Christmas and New Year. Today, there is a lot of fun-fare in Islam, which had been overtaken by Christian’s jamboree. Hence, I take you through surah Al- Kafirun:

“Say: o ye
That rejects faith
I worship not that which ye worship
Nor will ye worship that which I worship
And I will not worship that which ye have been want to worship
Nor will ye worship that which I worship
To you be your way, and to me mine.” (Q. 109).

Hence, Christians and its activities are not for us, Muslims. Therefore, participating or even congratulating (greeting) people for Christmas and New Year is considered to be ‘HARAM’ and ‘SHIRK’ because doing so is a sign of approval and acceptance of Christians belief and practice.

I know some Muslim parents who often find it very difficult to pay their children’s school fees and buy their textbooks. Yet, these children can afford to detonate very expensive firecracker. This act is infact, a waste. Wastage is an act of shai’tan. We Muslims don’t need to be involved in any of these.

As true Muslims, we would not do what displeases Allah, just to please human kind. We should not facilitate or help anyone who wants to engage in act of ‘shirk’ or ‘kufr’ because Christmas is ‘Haram’ that is unlawful and sinful. Therefore, Muslims must refrain from facilitating or selling any goods or services intended for Christmas celebration. Don’t forget that, we have just ended the month of Ramadan. The month when shai’tan was bounded. Let us not engage in the act of unbounded the shai’tan.

One of my lecture, when I was away was on ‘What Would have been the situation if Muslims are not rightly guided by Holy Qur’an” there is numerous number of evidence from the Holy Qur’an and the teaching of the Prophet (SAW) stating that it is prohibited to imitate non-believers in the things that they are known by such as their celebrations and holidays. One of such evidences is the surah Al – Kafirun that I recited earlier in this lecture.

In that surah, Allah says to us, that we should say to those who do not believe in Allah that ‘To you be your way and to me, mine.” You can now see clearly, that there is no quarrel. We are doing ours, has ordained by Allah, through the Prophet (SAW). We are the ones observing salat, we are the ones fasting, and we are the one giving zakat. They are not doing any of these with us. Why are we joining them in doing theirs? What is our interest and gain in joining them to see masquerade in the name of ‘father Christmas’. When we know that the act of masquerading is ‘shirk’ i.e. associating partner with Allah even, innocent children know that their so called ‘father Christmas’ is evil, that is the reason they cry and wail in protest, when they are forced to see father Christmas.

So let us be very careful, let us leave them with their deeds and acts. Let us always be in the best with Islam. Performing and participating in Christian’s events such as Christmas, gives them happiness in their hearts which, makes them think that their celebrations and religion are right. It is therefore unlawful, sinful and unacceptable for a Muslim who believes that Allah the almighty is his Lord, Islam is his religion and Muhammad (SAW) is his Prophet, to make celebrations that are not based on the Islamic religion.

Let me at this juncture, intimate you with a sordid experience I had, when I was about to depart Nigeria via Aminn Kano International Airport, Kano, for Saudi-Arabia. I was detained for about twelve hours. My crime was that my activities possibly portray me as a terrorist. The question is who is actually the terrorist? Myself or America that has been terrorizing every innocent Muslim?

The good news about this saga is that, people are finding it very difficult to get copies of Qur’an to buy in the whole America and Europe. This is so because every copy of Qur’an had been bought since people are yearning to know what is in Qur’an to make Muslims all over the world, stand solidly behind Bro. Osama bin Laden. Allah knows what he is doing. He says that He shall keep on protecting Islam.

It is therefore, an honour for us Muslims to commit ourselves to the Islamic ways such as committing ourselves to the Islamic calendar since it denotes the migration of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Makkah to Madinah. Therefore, it is unlawful for any Muslim to replace the Muslim’s calendar with Gregorian calendar.

Finally, my advice to all Muslims brother and sisters is to fear Allah, to perform good deeds to gain His pleasance and not to commit sins so as to avoid His wrath. May Allah put an end to all acts of ‘shirk’. Let all Muslims stay away from acts of ‘Kafir’. It won’t profit us. May Allah Almighty, the most supportive and victorious, grant Bro. Osama bin laden and other Muslims who are with him a victory. May Allah continue to give the people of Palestine a victory over the people of Israel. May all Muslims Nations, that are in one bondage or the other be fully librated.